Weddings & Events in New York’s Historic Hudson Valley

The Wire was once the J.G. Newbury Ironworks, a foundry located in Coxsackie’s busy 19th century Hudson River commercial shipping port. Farm products and locally manufactured items including bricks, ice, lumber and Newbury’s iron were loaded on ships in dock areas that are now our park. These goods were sent off to markets around the world.

Not only were agricultural and manufactured items carried on the Hudson River, so were people. The river was the primary mode of transportation before the speed and convenience of trains took over. Still, In fact, steamboats filled with passengers traveled back and forth between New York City and Albany well into the middle of the 20th century.

Guests will enjoy the industrial design of The Wire with nods to the history and beauty of the Hudson River Valley in our décor and ambiance.

Take a stroll down South River and Reed Streets, a well-preserved mid-nineteenth century mercantile area right around the corner, for a coffee and some shopping. Then head back and rent a kayak for a ride on the river. Take the kids to the playground in the nearby park or stretch out on a chaise-lounge by the water. When you’re ready, head off to explore the areas many attractions.